Raven is a planet 1.6 AUs (239,356,800 kilometers) away from the Sun of the Spirit system with an orbit period of about 3 earth years. A point that would normally be to hot for liquid water on an earth like sun, however Spirit has a sun that is larger than earth and generates enough energy to place the habitable zone much further out. the rotational period of Raven is about 1.6 days or 38 hours. Raven is orbited by 2 moon like objects Egg and Unkindness. Raven is also devoid of what humans would consider saltwater and instead has a series of hundreds of seas and tributaries that contain relatively little salt.

The Survey of Raven

The probe Manifest Destiny was sent to asses the local environment including, atmosphere, gravity, geology, plant life, animal life, and a variety of other factors. This survey relayed an impressive amount of species similarities to those on earth in both plant and animal life. The trees of Raven tend to be far denser and shorter than the trees on Earth, and the animals slightly more muscled.

Native Animal Life of Raven


Native Plant Life of Raven

* Iron Tree
* Rope Vine
* Clear Fern
* Stampede Tree


The Taming of Raven leopesz